Our Fleet

Looking to charter your own plane for your perfect vacation or latest business trip? Our fleet at LuxAir will ensure that you’ll get to your destination faster and easier than ever before! 

Given the uncertainty regarding how commercial airlines are handling the pandemic and passenger safety, flying private has become the safest way to travel.  Check out our options below.

King Air 90

The King Air 90 is the perfect plane to fly for short or long distances! It features an ample cabin space, comfortable seats, legroom to spare and storage spaces. Its executive design interior makes for a comfortable trip for both your leisure and business trips. It fits up to 6 people!

Plus, you’ll fly without delays, lines nor excessive TSA screening. So, forget about Miami airport parking, canceled flights, and flying commercial. The King Air 90 is great for your business trips or family and friends getaways.

Piper Navajo (7 passengers)

Our luxury Piper Navajo plane is perfect for elegant trips with a quick turnaround. This plane was built to fly mid-range distances to your favorite destinations in high class comfort. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a business meeting trip departing from anywhere around South Florida, then this should be your top choice for a trusted and reliable aircraft that provides a quick and easy trip.

Piper Navajo (8 passengers)

We also offer a larger Piper Navajo with ample legroom for up to 8 passengers and extra luggage compartments. Traveling in this Piper Navajo is a hassle-free experience for the whole family without having to worry about airport parking, TSA screening, or delays on your trip!


Fly along to the speed and efficiency of the Islander. This comfortable and dependable plane is perfect for flying to remote destinations that are inaccessible for bigger planes. This Short Take Off and Landing plane can fly up to 8 passengers and offers comfortable seats with ample legroom and storage space.

If you want to explore new and exotic places, then the Islander is the plane for you! It will also provide a hassle-free experience featuring no wait lines, no excessive TSA screening and traveling on your schedule. Flying from South Florida to any of our popular destinations, we promise you’ll get there quicker and easier than flying commercial.