We provide a unique flying experience to anywhere in the United States and the Caribbean. We’ll ensure you have a hassle-free trip for your upcoming vacation or business trip!


Lux Air offers a personalized and on-demand flying experience! Now you can travel at your own schedule and avoid airport hassles. Not only will you get to your destination faster, you’ll have less restrictions for travel. We’ll make it easier to take off:

Pack More Bags

You’re not limited to 1 bag and 1 carry-on.

Pet-Friendly Aircraft

Cats and dogs can travel without extra charge.

Last-Minute Flights

We can take off in as little as 2 hours!


Private Flights

At Lux Air Charters we offer private flights to multiple destinations including to or from New York, Texas, Florida and popular destinations throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Aircraft Management

If you need a trained flight crew for your private airplane, we can help with that. If you’re looking for a professional and licensed crew to pilot your plane in the Miami area, give us a call today!

Aircraft Service

In need of aircraft repairs? Our specialized technicians can service your airplane and have it flying in no time. And, since your safety is our priority, we’ll inspect and repair all checkpoints to guarantee a safe and reliable flight.


You’ve got business to attend!

Need to travel for business? Say no more! We can arrange a personal flight for you and your team to anywhere within the state of Florida, the United States or the Caribbean. Whether a short visit of a few hours or a week-long working trip, we’ll tailor our schedule to yours for an effortless flying experience.

Planning the perfect getaway!

Looking forward to the perfect vacation with your friends and family? Let us help you with that! We can help you create the right flight schedule for your plans. Forget about long waits at the airport, delayed flights, odd hours flights, and tedious airline restrictions. We’ll make it easy and a hassle-free experience for you and your party… including your pets!